HoloAudio Desktop Special! Sabertooth (110V Model)+ Mammoth (110V model)+ Aluminum Remote + Titanis Turbo USB

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the following four products are included in this package. And the Mammoth and Sabertooth are KTE editions with upgraded fuses, higher end Copper O-type Transformers and most importantly Top of the Line Jensen Capacitors!

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Here is a complete desktop special from HoloAudio. We are including a fully loaded Sabertooth Dac with Jensen Caps (KTE Edition) and the Mammoth Amplifier with Jensen Caps (KTE Edition). Also the optional aluminum remote controller is included (30usd value).

KTE Editions have Jensen Caps along with upgraded fuses.  These are an incredible dynamic duo for your desktop that can power most headphones with ease! The price when purchased separately is approximately 1700usd for this Desktop special + Shipping expenses.  But we are offering this as a package price @ 1329usd with free shipping.

Sabertooth Dac:

 The saber-toothed tiger is a fully functional digital to audio convertor with the following features:
    1. complete format support, not only to support the 44.1K-192K PCM, but also to support the DSD, the DSD function is also a highlight of the saber-toothed tiger, different from other DSD decoder, saber-toothed tiger DSD mode is done a certain optimization, In the DSD mode, there will be an ear to hear the ascension.
    2. fully functional input interface, coaxial, AES / EBU, fiber, USB interface
    3. full-featured output interface, single-ended RCA and balanced XLR output, with digital pre-level function, all the output interface volume can be controlled.
    4. with a headphone amplifier, although the saber-toothed tiger is biased in the decoder, but the output of its headphone port is also equipped with the ability to go beyond limits and pairs well with some of the highest grade headphones on the market. This is a reference based system that won’t disappoint.
    5. with advanced aluminum remote control
    6. with CPLD for a complete digital processing and clock shaping.
    7. it is worth mentioning that the saber-toothed tiger built-in USB interface is very good, in addition to the continuation of the Arctic gull interface itself, high-quality design, but also joined the USB ground isolation, USB ground and computer is connected, so conventional The interface structure, once connected to the USB cable, the computer’s ground interference can easily interfere with the decoder, which resulted in the current USB interface, although the use of asynchronous structure, jitter is also a lower than a, But the computer can still significantly affect the performance of the decoder, or even for a USB cable will have a significant impact. The interface of the saber-toothed tiger uses a ground isolation technology, and the ground wire of the computer and the ground of the decoder are not conductive. Can significantly reduce the interference from the computer.
    8. the machine’s power and amplifier circuit are used Class A amplification, so the machine will be hot, but also sounds best when it reaches it’s temperature.
    9. LCD display is bright yellow and beautiful. Very clear and easy to read.
 You can see the saber-toothed tiger + mammoth fit suit as a more advanced as one complete setup.
  • Size, 215mm (width) * 232mm (long) * 50mm (high, not including feet)


Mammoth Specs:

Port RCA x1
XLR x1
RCA input resistance 10kOhm
Input amplitude 0-5Vrms
XLR input resistance 10kOhm
Input amplitude 0-10Vrms
Port Line Out RCAx1
Line Out XLRx1
Single-ended headphone output TRS(For Planar headphones)x1
Single-ended headphone output TRS(
Suitable for dynamic headphones)x1
Headphone balanced output 4Pin XLR(Headphones can be configured and adapted to planar or dynamic headphones)x1
Line Out THD 0.0002%
SNR -122dB
The maximum amplitude 8.4Vrms(RCA), 16.8Vrms(XLR)
Headphone Output




THD 0.001%
SNR -122dB
Power Output (Single Ended) 200mW@300Ohm, 450mW@32Ohm
Power Output(balance) 800mW@300Ohm, 1800mW@32Ohm
size 215×245*58mm(WxLxH,Including the projecting parts (connectors etc))
weight 4kg
power input 220-230V 50/60Hz 2A
KitsuneTuned Options 99.99% Silver Otype Transformer – Jensen Caps for Power

Pure silver 1.5mm wire and Oyaide Silver connectors with rhodium plating. AudioHorizon Platinum Reference Fuse.

Power consumption 30W
Supplied Accessories power cablex1
Aluminum remote control x1 (controls both Sabertooth and Mammoth)



We are including a free Titanis Turbo USB with this package deal!



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