HoloAudio Desktop SUPER Special! Sabertooth (110V Model)+ Mammoth (110V model)+ Aluminum Remote + Titanis Turbo USB

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the following four products are included in this package. And the Mammoth and Sabertooth are KTE editions with upgraded fuses, higher end Copper O-type Transformers and most importantly Top of the Line Jensen Capacitors!

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Here is a very elegant and handsome Audio Stack of a Dac and Amp that sets the bar very high while saving a tremendous amount of money on this one off special combo deal that KitsuneHiFi is offering. This is a complete desktop special from HoloAudio and KitsuneHiFi… This deal is absolutely the best value within our online Store right now. If you are looking to get into high end Audio Gear and want to receive incredible performance without spending an arm and a leg…this combo should be on the top of your list to consider. It’s truly a serious contender for your first high end Audio gear, or will make for an excellent audio setup for your work desktop setup. These specific model Dac and Amps are only available in 220V models however this combo deal is specially made and are all 110V versions that are ideal for USA or Canadian customers or other countries that are 100-120V range.  Note: these are “LIKE NEW” yet have been used on display for one Audio trade show. they could be sold as New since they are in excellent condition,  However we are selling these at the lowest price possible to make room for more products coming in the future. Save a TON of money with this incredible deal, we know you won’t regret it!

Here is a website with a great gallery of photos of the basic model Mammoth and review of it as well, our version is much improved that is part of this combo special.   –



We are including the following in this stellar combo deal:

  1. HoloAudio Sabertooth Dac – Custom Specification Special edition (KTE-Kitsune Tuned Edition) with Jensen Caps <<<Ultra premium Jensen Caps updated for Sabertooth and Mammoth!!!>>> (same high end Capacitors used in the KTE Spring Dac!!! and these are a wonderful improvement for the sound signature that delivers effortless detail and relaxed sound signature with analog like output), upgraded 7N Copper Otype Transformer, KTE Fox emblems on the volume knobs. Special 110V models for USA/Canada. 220V is not available for this deal. Optional CNC machined Aluminum remote controller that controls the Sabertooth and Mammoth from one remote, the volume controls are motorized. This remote is awesome if you plan to use this dac/amp combo with your home loud speaker entertainment system.  The remote control also includes special edition KTE fox emblem on the remote control.
  2.  HoloAudio Mammoth Amplifier (True Class A Reference grade Headphone Amplifier) with upgraded ulra premium grade 2pole Jensen Capacitors (Same Caps we use on the KTE Spring Dac!).
  3. included is also the optional aluminum remote controller is included (30-40+usd value) – Proudly we represent our brand name with the special KTE Fox emblem on the remote controller. Also to match each unit with Fox emblems on the volume knobs.
  4. Both Dac and Amp have been upgraded with the top grade Jensen 2pole Capacitors (same type that we use in our HoloAudio Spring Dac L2 and KTE editions!” Standard modules include generic Caps. These Jensen Caps are highly sought after and respected for their excellent sound signature. They allow the Dac and Amp to sound it’s very best!
  5. Does not have the cheaper machine wound transformer like the basic models… the KTE Sabertooth and Mammoth have been upgraded to the 7N Copper O type Hand wound Red label transformers. these are a nice step up over the basic transformers. Truly worth the upgrade over the stock transformers and most ideal for the most critical listener.
  6. Extra bonus included is our HoloAudio Titanis turbo USB module – we are happy to offer this a promotion deal. It can be used with the Dac or with any USB device to improve connection of USB with ultra low noise regulator and improved Signal integrity.

KTE Editions have Jensen Caps along with upgraded fuses.  These are an incredible dynamic duo for your desktop that can power most headphones with ease! The price when purchased separately is approximately 2300+++usd for this Desktop special /remote/Jensen cap upgrades/transformer upgrades/fuse upgrades and titanis turbo USB module/ and last but not least… Shipping expenses.  It was used as a demo model for an audio trade show, otherwise these are special custom upgraded versions with all the goodies and in like new condition. They also include KTE fox badges on the volume knobs They are a tremendous value  with absolutely stunning sound quality. The headphone amp is a extremely powerful and capable to drive most all headphones with ease.  One neat feature about the Mammoth amp is is finely tuned outputs, one specifically for Dynamic Headphones and the other for Planar magnetic headphones. This is a reference level dac/headphone amp at an insanely low price. We highly recommend this deal for the person who is on a budget but doesn’t want to compromise on sound quality. We expect this combo deal to sell quickly at the asking price.

Sabertooth Dac:

 The saber-toothed tiger is a fully functional digital to audio convertor with the following features:
    1. complete format support, not only to support the 44.1K-192K PCM, but also to support the DSD, the DSD function is also a highlight of the saber-toothed tiger, different from other DSD decoder, saber-toothed tiger DSD mode is done a certain optimization, In the DSD mode, there will be an ear to hear the ascension.
    2. fully functional input interface, coaxial, AES / EBU, fiber, USB interface
    3. full-featured output interface, single-ended RCA and balanced XLR output, with digital pre-level function, all the output interface volume can be controlled.
    4. with a headphone amplifier, although the saber-toothed tiger is biased in the decoder, but the output of its headphone port is also equipped with the ability to go beyond limits and pairs well with some of the highest grade headphones on the market. This is a reference based system that won’t disappoint.
    5. with advanced aluminum remote control
    6. with CPLD for a complete digital processing and clock shaping.
    7. it is worth mentioning that the saber-toothed tiger built-in USB interface is very good, in addition to the continuation of the Arctic gull interface itself, high-quality design, but also joined the USB ground isolation, USB ground and computer is connected, so conventional The interface structure, once connected to the USB cable, the computer’s ground interference can easily interfere with the decoder, which resulted in the current USB interface, although the use of asynchronous structure, jitter is also a lower than a, But the computer can still significantly affect the performance of the decoder, or even for a USB cable will have a significant impact. The interface of the saber-toothed tiger uses a ground isolation technology, and the ground wire of the computer and the ground of the decoder are not conductive. Can significantly reduce the interference from the computer.
    8. the machine’s power and amplifier circuit are used Class A amplification, so the machine will be hot, but also sounds best when it reaches it’s temperature.
    9. LCD display is bright yellow and beautiful. Very clear and easy to read.
 You can see the saber-toothed tiger + mammoth fit suit as a more advanced as one complete setup.
  • Size, 215mm (width) * 232mm (long) * 50mm (high, not including feet)


Mammoth Specs:

Port RCA x1
XLR x1
RCA input resistance 10kOhm
Input amplitude 0-5Vrms
XLR input resistance 10kOhm
Input amplitude 0-10Vrms
Port Line Out RCAx1
Line Out XLRx1
Single-ended headphone output TRS(For Planar headphones)x1
Single-ended headphone output TRS(
Suitable for dynamic headphones)x1
Headphone balanced output 4Pin XLR(Headphones can be configured and adapted to planar or dynamic headphones)x1
Line Out THD 0.0002%
SNR -122dB
The maximum amplitude 8.4Vrms(RCA), 16.8Vrms(XLR)
Headphone Output




THD 0.001%
SNR -122dB
Power Output (Single Ended) 200mW@300Ohm, 450mW@32Ohm
Power Output(balance) 800mW@300Ohm, 1800mW@32Ohm
size 215×245*58mm(WxLxH,Including the projecting parts (connectors etc))
weight 4kg
power input 220-230V 50/60Hz 2A
KitsuneTuned Options  7N Copper Otype Transformer – Jensen Caps for Power


Power consumption 30W
Supplied Accessories power cablex1
Aluminum remote control x1 (controls both Sabertooth and Mammoth)



Recent Update. We have one KTE Mammoth Amp left and are selling it alone at a tremendous discount.

Additional information


KTE Mammoth ONLY


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