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  1. *Good stuff & excellent service = winning combo*

    Purchased a SU 1 and Intona from Tim/Kitsune.This is not a review of the units,tho they are a positive addition to my listening experience.This is more a comment on the great service that Tim provided.Right from my first enquiry to the last he was most helpful with in depth answers.Sure ,the end result is I did buy some stuff but I could have done so elsewhere.I even learned a few things along the way thanks to his taking the time to explain and point out the ups and downs of computer audio thru his own trial and error experiences.Kitsune stocks some good stuff, ships quickly and provides exemplary service.A winning combo in my book.If they have something of interest to you don’t hesitate to give Tim a shout.Thanks!

  2. I am incredibly pleased by the treatment I received from Tim and Holo Audio / KitsuneHiFi. I bought a Singxer SU-1 from Tim because his was the only American company I found that had one in stock. The unit was shipped right away, and arrived quickly. Both of those things were impressive, but his after sale support was even more so. The SU-1 arrived late on a Friday, and appeared initially not to work (ultimately due to some bad Audirvana options, and not the unit itself). I e-mailed, Tim called me right away, we stayed in touch throughout the weekend, and he even contacted Singxer tech support in China. The issue was resolved, and everything sounds great.

    Further, Tim recommended some Wireworld HDMI cables that RADICALLY improved the sound of my system (and the cables I replaced weren’t cheap). Tim is the rare combination of technically savvy and easy to deal with.

    I’ll definitely do business here again.

    Jamie Haynes
    New London, CT

  3. its been about 10 days to 2 weeks and my conclusion is that the Spring Dac level 3 is the real deal. Ive been chasing digital for too many years to mention (About 25 lol). Anyway this dac has been a pleasant surprise. It sounds like Music. I am using the intona and singxer SU-I2S interface
    easy install with my Baetis server. Too many adjectives to describe get one you will be astounded
    not to mention the reasonable cost. I have owned Lampizator 4 level 4, AMR,MSB, Lenahan PDX,to name a few. The spring dac is as or more enjoyable than all the others!!!!
    “Try it you will like it”

  4. Man… I was comparing it(even with just a couple hours warmup/burnin) to my Yggy(from what I remember of it’s sound presentation) and the first thing that REALLY jumped out at me is it’s holographic presentation. SO 3D! Each instrument nicely presented clearly and cleanly it’s distinct location in the headphone. Very out of head/live vibe to it. I am very excited for how everything is going to sound a week from now with a couple hundred hours of burnin under it’s belt

  5. Just received my Kitsune Holo Spring DAC level 3 a few days ago and I’m in the process of breaking it in with 16bits/24bits files(NOS) as well as internet radio. My experience with different showroom DAC is very limited and have never heard a R2R DAC before this. What I learned is that inexpensive delta sigma DAC may sound fantastic on first listen but become tiresome after awhile. The way your body’s nervous system response to music is the best barometer of a DAC performance. Yes, this R2R Holo Spring DAC has a relaxing calming affect at the same time sounding fast and extended at both ends. But be warned this DAC is no panacea for poor recording. Well recorded music on the other hand can sound simply amazing. At times, I notice the palms of my hands to involuntary begin to lightly perspire after listening to music with nice cymbal runs, much like one would expect after looking over a cliff. Two thumbs up.

  6. Hello Tim & Dawn,

    I received My Singxer SU-1 today and i already have it up and running in my system! I bought it so i can play music files from my P.C. ( i use JRiver ) Installing the drivers and disabled the signature thing with Win 10, all that was a snap and in just a few minutes I’m enjoying music! Nicely built and simple to use. Just wanted to let you know you have another happy customer! Sounds good too..I can finally use my “real” DAC. I was using a Dragonfly, but i wanted to use my Busman Modified Tascam DA3000. I am using the USB cable that came with the SU-1 and a Kimber D60 S/PDIF cable.

    Thanks everyone!

  7. I bought a KTE Holo Spring Level 3. This dac is amazing! It is the best upgrade I have ever done to my chain.
    DSD sounds fantastic along with 44/16 Flac.

    Tim is a pleasure to work with and this dac is no joke, if you are on the bubble about getting this dac….Just Do It!
    You will not be sorry and you will be rewarded very well indeed.

    Tim, thank you for everything you have done, you have a real winner here with the KTE Holo Spring Level 3.
    I could not be happier as i listen to this thing every single day!

    Thanks again,

  8. Purchased the KTE SU-1, iFi iGalvanic package with iDefender and iPower, and kte iso usb, and there was instant improvement in my system. Background is super black and sound tightened up significantly. Hooked it all up to a Corning optical usb cable coming from a pc server to a Holo Spring KTE and it has never sounded better. A singxer is definitely the way to go with this DAC.

    Tim is one of the most helpful dealers I’ve ordered from and he helped me clear up some confusion on what would work best with my setup. Fantastic communication and service, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to order from Kitsune Hifi again.

  9. Purchased a Singxer SU-1 and iFi Pro iCan after meeting Tim at CanJam SoCal 2017. He stood out from the other vendors with an obvious passion for working with customers to understand their preferences and guide them to the best possible listening experience within budget. Nearly a year later when I had an issue with my amp that was due to my system setup and component placement, NOT any fault of the amp.Tim was extremely knowledgeable and patient in helping me resolve it.

    Bottom line: Kitsune HiFi carries exceptional gear, Tim is a pleasure to deal with and his post-sale customer care is the best I’ve seen. I definitely recommend Kitsune HiFi be on your short list of high-end audio dealers.

  10. Just received the iDefender3 from Kitsune Hifi. I was pretty skeptical. The
    first try wasn’t 100% successful-there was still a soft buzz- but when I added
    the iSilencer after the iDefender I was astonished how well they work together.
    I couldn’t believe it! I have two separate DAC’s-one MQA for TIDAL and a high res
    one with a clean, filtered LPS for JRiver Media Center. All power (and grounds)
    came from one dedicated line. The only trouble I had was with the small MQA dac
    and after hours with cheater plugs, the iDefender was going to be my last try.
    Still amazed! Thanks, again,

  11. Thanks to all our customers who have left us a fantastic review or comment on how we are doing. This means everything to us to see that we are doing a great job. We truly value all of you and our future customers as well. Thank you again for your support and kind words!

  12. I purchased the KTE Spring Dac + KTE SU-1 DDR bundle recently after a detailed and informative telephone discussion with Tim. I received the SU-1 very quickly, installed it with great support from Tim and am very pleased with the results with my existing DAC. I’m looking forward to the KTE Spring DAC and will report back once I receive it and have had a chance to listen to it. In the meantime I wanted to acknowledge Tim’s outstanding and caring support. His enthusiasm and knowledge come through with every contact. KitsuneHiFi and Tim will be the first place I go for high end computer audio and much more. Highly recommended.

  13. Hi Tim.

    Along with the KTE SU-1 DDR, the Holo Spring Kitsune Edition DAC is one incredible sounding piece of audio equipment.

    For those that value what is best about analog, the NOS mode of the DAC gives us the same type of effect, except its digital. What’s wrong with the OS modes? Nothing, except when you listen through the NOS mode, things just unfold from the system, like cool water travelling down a North Carolina stream. I don’t know, as I’m not an engineer, but after listening to some very expensive DAC’s, my belief is that the ladder DAC, along with the NOS mode is what sets it apart from some other really good sounding DACS.

    In combination with your version of the SU-1 DDR, this is flat out, one great sounding DAC.

    As for you, I really appreciate your passion when it comes to digital based audio. If you had the passion, but didn’t offer the products and advice you do, I’m not sure the effect would be as great as it is here. Thank you for this.
    In a politically challenging time, being able to take refuge in the word of music, is invigorating and your contribution to this for me, is greatly appreciated.

    Best regards.


  14. I have been actively working on a couple of systems for the last year: one at home and one in the studio.

    I tried a number of DACs in the 1-2K range (Rega, Heed, Audiolab, Schiit) but always felt I couldn’t quite reach that happy place (though the Heed was surprising). I am a speakers guy and love a good image, snappy transients, and some kick. Based on online reviews, the audio boards, and conversations with Tim, I purchased a Spring Level 2. I installed it on my home system (at the time – W10 Roon Server > Mac Mini running W10 and HQPlayer endpoint (DSD512)>Kistune ASIO Drivers>USB>Schiit Wyrd>USB>Holo Spring>Heed Obelisk SI MKIII>Harbeths) and it made a tremendous difference to the sound I was getting. The Holo Spring brings better imaging, dynamics and detail into my space. More than this (or because of it…), it is really engaging to listen to – and this was through the USB port.

    One thing I have grown to understand is that bits are not just bits, they are transmitted as analog electronic representations of bits and are subject to the same noise issues as any analog transmission – especially in streaming where error correction makes everything work harder producing more noise. More than this, the data rate of USB can vary ever so slightly. When you’re copying a file, this is not a problem, but when you’re listening to digital audio the effect of missing bits, missed timed bit, out of order bits, incorrect bits is audible – not as noise, but as glare, fuzziness, and thinness. USB cleaning and reclocking is important to the SQ.

    I added an SU-1 DDC to the system. It converts and reclocks the usb audio to other digital formats (S/PDIF, AES, I2S). I am using the I2S from the SU-1 to the Holo. It took the sound quality up another, significant, level. Better bass response, clearer imaging, smoother treble.

    Up to this point my USB cleaner was a Schiit Wyrd. Based on conversations with Tim, I decided to try the Intona Industrial (just found out the the JCAT USB cleaner that people rave about is an Intona Industrial with a fancy aluminum case and a couple hundred dollars added to the price tag). The Intona is a USB cleaner designed for industrial applications by a team dedicated to doing nothing but getting the noise out of USB. Again, there were marked improvements to the sound quality, the imaging is sharper, everything relaxed a bit, the music sounded more full and smooth without losing any detail.

    So my home system, with Kitsune’s help, is now:

    W10 Roon Server> Mac Mini running W10 and HQPlayer endpoint (DSD512)>Kistune ASIO Drivers>USB>Intona Industrial>USB>SU-1>I2s>Holo Spring Level II>Heed Obelisk SI MKIII>Harbeths

    I am a happy listener.

    My experience with Tim and Kitsune has been excellent. It’s clear that digital audio is a passion for Tim. He is knowledgeable about the playing field and has curated his product line to reflect his research. He will give you honest answers to your questions and will help steer you to a solution that fits your goals whether they be no holds bar audio nirvana or truly great sound that fits your resources.

    As a postscript, I would add, for kicks, I swapped out the Wyrd for the Intona Industrial on my video workstation (W10 HQplayer (DSD256)>Intona>Denafrips ARES>Schiit Freya (in tube mode with nice NOS Sylvanias)>Neuman KH120a actives). It made a SIGNIFICANT difference. I mean significant. Again, everything relaxed and feels more full – the image is really very sharp (The Neumanns are a studio nearfield). It took the edge off the treble, and made the low end more present. It’s hard to concentrate on work when the sound is sooo engaging. I ordered a second unit from Tim based on this experience.

    1. Justin,

      Wow, thank you for your detailed comments. I’m thrilled to hear that you’ve had such a great experience at KitsuneHiFi and truly happy to know you also love the gear you’ve chosen for your system. I hope to see you come back in the near future! we have a lot of exciting new products coming out at the end of this year and early 2019!


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